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Author Spotlight: Charlotte Copper, Author New Release - Silver Blade


Please welcome Black Rose author Charlotte Copper. Her short story Silver Blade releases July 24. Charlotte will give a free .pdf copy of Silver Blade to two readers randomly selected from all those who leave a comment on any of the blogs she visits during her upcoming tour. Visitors can have multiple entries if they comment at more than one blog. Dates and sites for the tour can be found on her website,

 Let’s turn it over to Charlotte!

When was the first moment you felt comfortable saying, “I am a writer?” I’m not there yet.  I’m not sure if it is because my book is only available electronically…which is funny, because I’m getting most of my own reads that way now, and I consider all those people writers.  My friends are all like “that’s so cool, I don’t know any other authors”, so I really should just accept the fact:  I AM A WRITER!! 

Take it from your editor, Charlotte, you are a writer.
Do you write to make money or for the love of writing?   I have a full time day job that pays the bills, and I’ve been there twenty-five years. When I told my boss that I wrote a book, I said “don’t worry, I need my job at least another eight years.”  Once my daughter is out of university, then maybe I can think differently, but even then it will be for the love of writing. The money will just be a bonus!

What are some traditional methods of marketing you have used to gain visibility for you and your book(s)?  The first thing I did was create a website:  It was a lot of work, but it was also an interesting learning experience. (I’ve since created one for my daughter’s volleyball team for recruiting purposes.)  I try to post something each week, but sometimes life just takes over. At first it stressed me out that I wasn’t posting weekly, but then I just realized I would rather talk about something important to me then just post something to meet a deadline. (I’m sure my followers feel the same.)

I’m also taking advantage of many of the other wonderful authors out there who invite writers to come to their blogs for interviews.  Authors are a wonderfully supportive group of people, and I’ve got a number of visits scheduled for late July / early August. (Dates and locations can be found on my website.)

I checked out your website. Nicely done, with some interesting Canadiana. I liked the Facts and Faves page.
Are you someone who can write on demand? Or do you have to stew and coax an idea before you sit down and write?  Or maybe you write when the muse knocks you upside your head? I can NOT write on demand. Kudos to those authors that sit down each morning and start typing.  I have difficulty at workshops just trying to come up with something small.  I like to work the idea around in my head for a bit, making little notes here & there, before I actually sit down to write. I always carry a notebook with me, just in case.


Do you have an upcoming release?  You do! Oh please tell us all about it. J  I’m so excited that my first book, Silver Blade, is releasing July 24th. I want to thank The Wild Rose Press and my editor, Eilidh MacKenzie, for all their wonderful help and support.

Silver Blade is a paranormal romance novella.  It is the story of Angela Knight, an attractive black jack dealer, and Oscar McAvoy, a demon hunter whom she literally picks up at the side of the road. It’s a story about two people who feel unworthy of love, but who find out fate has a plan of its own.

TWRP thanks you, too. We wouldn’t be where we are without our authors.

Are any of your characters modeled after people you know?  Funny story there. My free Wild Rose Press short story, Emerald Eyes, is about a man who sleeps with his sister-in-law, Jen. Well, my sister-in-law is Jennifer, and my family made comments about this when my book came out. I never even thought about the coincidence until they pointed it out, probably because I never think of my sister-in-law as Jen, she is always Jennifer.  So the answer to this is NO, my characters are NOT modeled after people I know.  I think that could get me in a lot of trouble with my friends.
Yikes, that’s quite a coincidence!

What do you do for relaxation? I have a lot of hobbies, but I don’t think of them as forms of relaxation, they are more like ways to keep from getting bored. Besides reading and writing, I cross-stitch, knit, quilt, rug hook, crochet, scrap-book and make jewelry. I also LOVE movies—going to the theatre for big screen & big sound! I start my movie watching list as soon as the preview magazines come out. By the end of the summer, I’ll have seen over twenty movies in 2013. (Favorite so far: Star Trek Into Darkness.)

You sound really busy.

When do you read?  Where?  I read a lot more often now that I have a Kindle. I always have it in my purse, so even just waiting in a line at the grocer or parked outside my daughter’s school for ten minutes, I’ll take it out and read.

What type of stories do you like to read and why?  I’ve been reading more paranormal and urban fantasy, and a lot of dystopian YA lately.  If I find a writer who I like, I will read everything they have. My husband will tell you that I don’t like to read “deep” books. If it requires a lot of thinking (be it self-help or following all the characters in The Lord of the Rings), then it is not for me.  I like to be entertained.

What TV shows do you watch?  I pop in and out of shows, and I often use the television as background noise when I’m cooking or running reports for work. I’d say the only television show I’m faithful to is True Blood.  (Bill, Sam, Eric & Alcide…need I say more?)

Trueblood is my favorite too.

Have you been inspired by any particular movies or shows you have seen? I wrote a few stories as a teenager, but only got the writing bug again as an adult about 6 years ago.  That story was based on the television show Stargate Atlantis, and started with me daydreaming in the car thinking “OK, if I was on Stargate Atlantis, what would my role be?”  Admittedly, I ended up happily ever after with John Sheppard/Joe Flannigan (LOL) but that got me wanting to write more.

What is your favorite holiday? And why? No hesitation…Halloween!!  Chocolate, decorating and costumes!! Even now that my daughter is too old to trick-or-treat, we both get dressed up and decorate the outside of the house to hand out the goodies.

Thank you, Charlotte, for sharing a taste of your world with your fans. I hope you have fun with the rest of your blog tour.

Best wishes,
Black Rose Editor

Charlotte Copper’s Bio:

 I live in Stouffville, Ontario—that’s in Canada, eh—with my husband, daughter, and two part-time step-daughters.  I just celebrated my 25th anniversary at work (a major computer company), and when I’m not working at my full-time job or driving my daughter around for volleyball, I like to craft, read, and, of course, write. 

 I’m addicted to Coca-Cola, chocolate, and action movies. I’m also an optimist; I believe the glass is half-full, that everyone deserves a happy ending, and that one day my lottery numbers will be drawn.

Silver Blade Blurb:

Oscar McAvoy hunts demons. Chosen to rid the world of evil, he nevertheless condemns himself as a murderer. When saved by the beautiful Angela Knight, he judges himself undeserving of love.

Angela Knight is on the way back from her brother’s funeral when she stops to help a fallen motorcycle rider. Her body responds to the handsome stranger, a man whose scars and tough exterior suggest a rough and dangerous life. When she can’t stop thinking about him, Angela must decide if she is willing to give the sexy, mysterious stranger a chance.

 Love chooses us; we do not choose who we will love or who will love us.


I will be giving away a pdf copy of Silver Blade to two readers randomly selected from all those who leave a comment for me on any of the blogs I visit during my “tour.” Visitors can have multiple entries if they comment at more than one blog. Dates & sites for my tour can be found on my website.

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  1. You had me at Demon Hunter :) I'm a fellow TWRP author and seen that your book tour starts today. Yippee!!! Good luck :) I haven't seen Trueblood yet (I know, I know, WHAT???)But I'm a fan of anything with vampires in it, and am addicted to The Vampire Diaries and I just finished the Lost Girl series on Netflix...I have a thing for hunky wolfmen now, too. LOL!!!

    1. You wanna talk hunky wolfmen? then you really, REALLY must see True Blood. Just wait until you set eyes on Alcide stripping...I mean changing...from his human form to his wolf form.

  2. Loved the interview and your blurb, Charlotte. And I wish you the greatest luck with the rest of your blog tour. I hope Silver Blade is a great success for you.

    1. Thank you very much Darcy. It's such an exciting time!

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